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For more than 35 years, St. Jude Math-A-Thon has been America's largest education-based fundraiser. St. Jude Math-A-Thon is a free, education-based fundraising program for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The program includes a free math curriculum supplement for grades K-8 that students complete after obtaining sponsorships from family and friends. The funds raised by the students benefit St. Jude, where doctors and scientists work to eradicate childhood cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases.

St. Jude designed St. Jude Math-A-Thon to supplement a teacher's existing curriculum, while also teaching students the importance of helping others. To participate, students ask family and friends for pledges to solve math problems in the St. Jude Math-A-Thon Funbook.

The Funbook contains a curriculum developed by Scholastic, the world's leader in educational technology and children's media. Each Funbook level meets national standard requirements that will help your students practice and prepare for standardized testing.

Getting started
To get started, a representative from the school volunteers to become a coordinator. Becoming a coordinator is easy and absolutely free, and St. Jude will send everything you need to get started. Call 1-800-FUNBOOK (386-2665) or sign your school up now.

The benefits of St. Jude Math-A-Thon add up to help a good cause. Students who participate will have the opportunity to:

  • improve math and comprehension skills
  • solve age-appropriate math problems
  • understand the importance of helping others
This all equals help for St. Jude patients battling cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases.

How it works

  1. Students are shown the St. Jude Math-A-Thon DVD and take home the Sponsorship Envelope with the attached Permission Slip.
  2. Students return the signed Permission Slip to the coordinator.
  3. Students obtain sponsors and then complete their Funbook by solving a variety of math problems.
  4. After completing the problems, students collect donations from their sponsors and return them to their coordinator.
  5. Students and schools earn prizes depending on total funds collected.

Do the math. Help save lives. Sign up today by calling 1-800-FUNBOOK (386-2665) or filling out the registration form.

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