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You can help kids in the fight against childhood cancer and earn great prizes just by solving math problems. When you do the math, you'll help save kids lives. The kids of St. Jude are just like you, except they are fighting the biggest enemies of all – cancer and other catastrophic diseases. With your help, the kids at St. Jude will be better able to win their fight. Thank you for helping them by participating in St. Jude Math-A-Thon!

Do the math … online
Use our easy online tools to raise money for St. Jude kids, solve math problems and earn great prizes. Once you get your parent or guardian's permission, find your school and register to set up your own personal fundraising Web page. Your Web page lets you:

  • send e-mails to your friends and family, asking for donations and thanking them
  • keep up with how much money you have raised
  • request donations on Facebook and Twitter (be sure to get permission from your parents)
  • take credit card donations

Get started today! Visit talk to your teacher about setting up your own fundraising page.

Whether you use the online Funbook or the paper Funbook, you can depend on the cool characters below to lend a hand as you solve problems. Meet the Numerators®: Minus, Symmetry, Octagon and Fraction, and learn about their math superpowers.

Helpful links:
Student online fundraising instructions
Participant Prizes
Sponsor Form Information/Permission Slip
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For two years, Maddy had a knot on her left hand, which her family thought was a cyst. Two weeks before Maddy’s eighth birthday, tests revealed that the knot was actually a rare soft tissue tumor called an epithelioid sarcoma. Her family was devastated. Maddy’s doctor referred her to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital immediately for her treatment and care. Read more.